All drone surveys need to be thorough.

AdvanceNewsAll drone surveys need to be thorough.



March 12 , 2018 |

All drone surveys need to be thorough.

A thorough job is always a necessity.

Advance FM was contacted to conduct a drone survey in the Eastbourne area. We were asked to investigate missing coping tiles at the left side of the structure.

After swiftly recognising and assessing the missing tiles, our pilot continued to investigate the roof to enable us to provide a fully comprehensive survey.

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 14.51.14

Whilst carrying out our survey we found to the right of the structure, on the complete opposite end of the roof to the reported issue. We discovered extensive damage to the roofing tiles, exposing the membrane below. If gone unnoticed, this would have caused major issues to the facility resulting in extensive internal works to repair damages that would have disrupted the services the client provides.

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