With constantly changing legislation and increases in fines, it is sometimes difficult to be sure you’re remaining compliant. Advance offers you a simple and easy way to stay up to date, giving you the confidence that you won’t miss a vital piece of law that affects your business.

Advance Group is revised every month to ensure your business is up to date with current environmental legislation, saving you time and money and relieving the legal and monetary pressures of being compliant.

Advance Group saves you the time consuming task of reading through endless literature and trying to establish which legislation changes are relevant to you. We translate this into plain English and then we show you the parts that are relevant to your company.

We also offer an onsite health check with a trained consultant who can give you help and advice on how to win more green business and remain legally compliant.

Corporate Social Responsibility is integral to the way we operate. We have developed a full range of environmental, health and safety, employee and customer relations policies to make clear exactly where we stand and put our good practice guidelines into action on a daily basis.

To support this we have the following: