Drone Law Update 30th July 2018

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August 2 , 2018 |

Drone Law Update 30th July 2018

As of July 30th, new drone laws have been implemented by the Civil Aviation Authority as a result of an increase in reported incidents between drones and aircraft.

Over 90 incidents have been reported in 2017 involving a drone and other aircraft such as planes and helicopters. This is not as high as the previous year which saw 70 near misses at Heathrow alone: However, these new laws have been created to prevent any near misses or impacts from occurring.

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Drones are no longer allowed to be flown over 400ft or 120m high. This will help to prevent the drone being in any range of low flying aircraft such as helicopters, small planes and landing aircraft. This law caused a slight confusion at first with many questioning if a drone could not be flown over 400ft above sea level; However, this is not the case. A drone cannot be flown above 400ft above the pilot, flying at this height is not recommended as a drone should always be kept within the visual eyesight which should be no further than 150 meters.
400ft has always been the recommended flight to stay below as stated by the drone code but this rule is now enforceable by the law.

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A drone can now no longer be flown within 1km of an airport or aerodrome boundary fence. This is a criminal offence and can no be punishable with up to 5 years in prison.

Any drone over the weight of 250g will need to be registered with the Civil Aviation Authority and an online safety test will need to be completed. This will include almost all of the popular consumer drones such as the DJI Mavic Pro and the Parrot Bebop 2. Failure to register or complete the test may result in a £1000 fine. This will not be introduced till November 30th 2019.

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