International Women In Engineering Week – Bronte Howship

AdvanceNewsInternational Women In Engineering Week – Bronte Howship



International Women In Engineering Week – Bronte Howship

This weekend it is International Women in Engineering Day 2018. To celebrate the event, the achievements of women in engineering, Advance FM wants to share the stories of our staff members. Today, Administrator, Bronte Howship, shares her experience of working in Facilities Maintenance.

“Hi I am Bronte Howship. I’m an Administrator for the Estimating Department at Advance FM. I organise and arrange site visits for the estimators and engineers. I then help prepare the quotations before the estimators price them up. Other jobs I perform in my role are answering and relay telephone calls, emails and other correspondence as required. Accept and handle incoming calls, acting as a point of contact and carry out general office duties.

Before working at Advance FM, I was finishing my exams in the last year of Secondary School, year 11.
Before I left school, I knew I wanted to go into an ‘Office Junior’ or an ‘Apprentice’ role in an office environment. After applying for a few jobs, that’s when I found Advance FM.

Coming from school, I was quite scared to join a business at 16 years old and be around adults and people a bit older than me, that weren’t used to working with people of my age. But I soon came to realise that everyone in the business was super friendly and very welcoming.

In the future, I would like to be a ‘Team Manager’ of my own department. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do that at Advance FM.

I enjoy working in a facilities maintenance company. I’m constantly learning something new every day about a new facility, from floor tiles, fascia’s, to roofs, to lights, to drainage or boilers. Learning new things like these do make the job more interesting and having knowledge like this sometimes comes in favour.”