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May 31 , 2018 |

London History Day

Thursday, 31st May is London History Day.

In 1858, at a point where the Thames river was used for both sewage and drinking water, the government called in top engineer Joseph Bazalgette to create an underground series of sewers.
Bazalgette and his team built 82 miles of intercepting sewers parallel to the Thames and 1100 miles of street sewers, costing £4.2million.
Only designed to serve a population of 2 million the system was serving twice that by the end of its competition.
Now with the extended system, it is essential in the smooth-running of London, serving a population of over 8 million.

These systems; However, are under threat. Fatbergs are congealed masses of fat, discarded sanitary and non-biodegradable items. Fatbergs form on rough surfaces of the sewers such as bricks and concrete. These masses of congealed substances can be as strong as concrete and require special equipment to remove.

A large fatberg, famous for its volume was discovered just last year under Whitechapel. Stretching over 250 meters long and weighing 130 tonnes, that is over twice the length of Wemberly football pitch and heavier than 82 Lamborghinis.

There are ways to help prevent this happening.

The first is bin it, do not flush it.
Do not flush products or materials that cannot be broken up into your drains as these will become trapped and cause a mass to start to build. This includes sanitary products, wet wipes, forms of contraception and grease from cooking.

The second is mainly aimed at commercial premises and this is to make sure you are up to date on the maintenance of your grease traps and interceptors. These collect sediments and materials that are caught in the drainage and they are required to be cleaned and emptied at least once a year, If not more depending on how large or congested the facility is. If left too long this prevention can become impossible to clear out all the materials collected, costing thousands.

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Whitechapel fatberg is equal to 130 tonnes or nearly 83 Lamborghinis.

Whitechapel fatberg is equal to 130 tonnes or nearly 83 Lamborghinis.