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June 8 , 2018 |

Word Oceans Day

To celebrate World Oceans Day here are six ways to reduce plastic waste in your facility.

On average each person in the UK throws away their equivalent body weight of rubbish each week. Much of this does not get recycled properly and ends up in a landfill. However, 8 million pieces of plastic are entering the oceans every single day, two-thirds of which come from land sources.

1- Stop using disposable plastics.

90% of plastic items are used once and then discarded. Next time you go to the water fountain in your office take a glass or mug, stop using plastic cups and then throwing them straight into the bin.

2- Cook more.

Dashing out at lunch for a quick Tesco meal deal or a Pret may be convenient; however, the packaging that is thrown away contributes to the pollution. By cooking or making your lunches at home you are able to reuse the containers and it will most likely save you money and prevent you diverting to something unhealthy.

3 – Use real cutlery

Plastic cutlery maybe convenient as it reduces the need to wash up but it goes straight into the bin after use. Bring a metal fork to work tomorrow or provide your office with a new set. It only takes a few seconds to wash up a fork.

4 – Recycle

Arguably the most obvious step to be taking. Recycling allows plastics to be reused for other items instead of filling a landfill or entering the sea. Less than 14% of plastic packaging is recycled so this needs to be changed immediately.

5 – Buy in bulk

Next time supplies need to be ordered to the office or toilet rolls need to be replenished buy more than you normally would. Buying in bulk means that less packaging is used and only one delivery needs to be made.

6 – Coffee cups

Use reusable coffee cups. In the UK less than 1 in 400 coffee cups get recycled. To combat this buy branded mugs that can be given out to your staff and used by visitors. Not only will it present your business professionally, but it will cut down on your annual costs.
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