Bank, Leicester

Site: Bank, Leicester

Works required:

Further to a call out for the air conditioning not working on the first floor, it was found that the air conditioning system was working on R22 refrigerant which is an ozone depleting refrigerant and was banned from use in January 2015 and was deemed illegal to replace R22 refrigerant once the system has lost its charge.

So a recommendation was made to change the air conditioning system for a more efficient system working on new ozone friendly refrigerant R410a.

Scope of Works:

To reclaim all the R22 refrigerant and safely dispose of same via specialist   refrigerant destruction company that issue a safe disposal certificate.

To remove outdoor condenser unit, indoor units and pipe work and safely dispose of same. To supply and install 1 No Mitsubishi VRF system comprising of 1 No outdoor condenser unit,3 No wall mounted units to the meeting rooms and 5 No ceiling mounted cassette units to the open plan office area. To install all interconnecting pipework, cables and controllers.

To charge the system to the correct level of R410a refrigerant and commission the system to leave in good working order.


The client has a new more energy efficient system that is an inverter drive system which uses a lot less power to run than the older less efficient models. We manage to negotiate a five-year warranty with Mitsubishi and the system now runs on the new ozone friendly refrigerant that gives the client piece of mind for improving their carbon foot print.