Bank Roof Repairs

Works required:
We attended site after gaining access to the upstairs flat (1C/E) it was apparent that
there is extensive damage caused by the rainfall in both properties. On inspection of
the roof we discovered that both of the valleys are leaking which is causing the water
ingress and potentially in danger of the roof collapsing into the flats below.

The main roof was also holding large amount of loose, slipped, broken and missing
slates to all areas and is in advanced state of disrepair.

Due to the property being a listed building we have conferred with Boston Borough
council and our proposed works were approved. All work will have full cooperation
with the council and a certificate of complete works will be forwarded.

It is highly recommended in our opinion that the existing flat valleys should be
stripped, re decked and fiber-glassed to make watertight. The slated roof that
surrounds the flat valleys needs complete renewal of roof covering as otherwise we
could not guarantee its success by just completing the flat valley alone.

The added issue was that the building was in the town center and was 3 storeys in

Scope Of Works:

  • To supply and erect full scaffolding to the front of the Santander building
    complete with Boston Borough council scaffold street license application
  • Strip main roof over Flat 1D. Felt and lathe roof and then totally re deck and
    fix new fibre-glass valleys (approximately 100mts)
  • Re slate main roof using existing materials where possible and replacing all
    missing slates with reclaimed materials.
  • Clear all debris from around chimneys and gutters

The building was left with a brand new slated roof along with new flat area, this
would stop any of the issues caused to tenants and also reduce the internal
maintenance bills which were heightened by major leaks.